About Us






We are a company that provides brokerage  services in all matters related to shipping activities, dedicating also ourselves to the coordination of the services required by our clients for the attention of their vessels in all the ports and terminals of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

We were founded in 1974 to provide exclusive port services to the firm Becochlohm, a shipping agency of the BLOHM Organization with more than 175 years of recognized track record and from whom we inherited great experiences and knowledge, absorbing its operations in 2004.

Since 2002, we are the only Venezuelan company member of MULTIPORT SHIP AGENCIES NETWORK based in London, England,

Our dynamism, strength and wide experience, combined with our values, is what has shaped our character, ensuring our permanence, solidity and global prestige in the shipping industry over the years.

                Servinave C.A. RIF. J-07510224-0 / Agent Shipping / Caracas-Venezuela
             Telef +582125729622   Fax: +582125753642